Friday, November 5, 2010


So I've been reading this comic book called "Fables" for a commision Im doing. For a guy who has been drowning in crappy comics and hopeful letdowns, this book was rather refreshing. The book started in 2002 and is about a large group of fairy tale characters who have fled their homeland due to the over run of the "adversary" and are now hiding in mundane New York.

I have been skipping volumes due to the fact I need a to catch up to create a more effective commision, but With each volume I pick up, I am brought up to speed by the writter and put back into the story. The art is inconsitend due to different artist's interpretations. It is at times crude, some of the artists seem to be a little green but nothing that offends me to the point of closing the book.Each story, though related to that last, is able to stand on it's own. Each one is as good as the next and makes for an effective escape from the stressful world.

Though Im mainly a mainstream super hero guy, this new age fairy tale folklore has captured me in a way that the current super hero books have failed to do for the past year.

For anyone who is looking for what a comic is meant to be, this is a perfect example. I recommend it to any true comic book fan.

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